is innovating, developing and practising inclusive structures that balance responsibility, resources and stakeholdership, with participation and decentralised forms of organisation.

Softly We Entered Another Truth functions as an experimental practice of a life beyond capitalist consumer culture and engages participants through displacement into artistic practice, love and care. read more

Art Research is an open space for engaging with the research process of the participants. It shapes itself along the artistic research proposals by the artists present. read more


 Our gallery/atelier location is at Rue Theodore Verhaegen 154, Brussels, Belgium.

The multi-purpose gallery/atelier is open for performance art, dance, artistic research, visual art, theatre, design, music production, audiovisual production and other forms of presenting and gathering around artistic practice.

A large window at the street side lends itself to a view into the gallery. Yet, there is no door that gives front access. Visitors need to pass through the gate and the courtyard before entering the space, which allows for a sense of distance between persons at work and mere passersby.

This display towards the street side has proven itself to be very useful for visual and performance artworks. The performances are viewable from the street, framed within the gallery’s window, sometimes causing consternation because of non-heteronormative interaction, lack of decent costumes, etc.

Alternatively, by adding a curtain, events can happen in a more relaxed intimate setting between persons present. This is often easier when working with research, rehearsals, meetings, meditations, preparing exhibitions, etc. And if the weather allows, the courtyard is nice for gatherings, reflection, and occasional communal events.

Specific to this location is that nothing (creations, material, artworks, etc) can be placed in the corridors, courtyard, or outside the area of the gallery/atelier, because this obstructs the common use of the building’s occupants. That means in quotidian practice that how you make/do things has to include a consideration of any residuals of your practice. With late night events, the neighbours need to be involved somehow, and/or reduce the volume of evocative noises and music.

In the area, Porte-de Halle, Place Bethlehem, there are lots of little restaurants, shops,  supermarkets, cultural venues (Tricoterie des Liens, Pianofabriek, Jacques-Frank) and art venues (Deborah Bowman, Alma Sarif). On walking distance there is the Wiels contemporary art center, Midi Station, Duden Parc, P.A.R.T.S, Communa asbl Maxima, Artist Commons asbl Chassart studio, and other art spaces etc. initiates a transition from a curated art gallery into a decentralised organisation.

For its realisation follows a fourfold path

  1. Work with a Smartbe Activity for durable artistic employment.

  2. Start a cooperative practice to fund and share responsibility.

  3. Make a DAO for governance by the participants.

  4. Develop the gallery/atelier through Web3. openly accounts for developing its: location, employment, materials.

  • starting phase

estimated annual location costs: 8646 €

  • development phase

8 weeks of Activities, employing 29 artists: 43096 €

36 weeks of Artist In Residence, employing on average 22 artists: 74 882 €

8 weeks of undefined, other projects, maintenance days, etc: 1336 €

estimated total annual costs: 119 314 €

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  • 11 initial idea and desire for this experiment. read article
  • 12 proposal for creating a sustainable economy for artist ecosystem. read article


  • 1 - 4

    • build and launch website version 1.0

    • prepare AK exposition

    • prepare Motion workshop

  • 5 - 7

    • AK exposition

    • Motion workshop

    • Launch open call

  • 10 - 11

    • build website version 2.0

    • test case smart contract A.i.R

  • 12

    • launch website 2.0

    • cooperative stakeholders business plan A.i.R

    • contact partners


  • 1 - 6

    • apply for/gather funds for starting phase

    • initiate seed funding round 1: founders

    • residencies, activities and events

    • beta phase smart contract

  • 7 - 8

    • compile year planning 2023

    • develop website version 3.0

  • 9 - 12

    • seed funding round 2: investors

    • residencies, activities and events

    • apply for funding development phase


  • 1 - 2

    • extend into global networks

    • define public foundation (art, disparity, ecology)

  • 2 - 6

    • residencies, activities and events

    • apply for EU funding Employment, A.i.R. and Activities

    • develop economy of solidarity

  • 7 - 8

    • compile year planning 2024

    • apply for funding economy of solidarity

    • develop public foundation

  • 9 - 12

    • launch website 3.0

    • alpha phase smart contract

    • residencies, activities and events

    • seed funding round 3: economy of solidarity

    • strategic real estate & ecological development


  • 1 - 6

    • launch public foundation

    • residencies, activities and events

  • 7 - 8

    • evaluation of 2020-2024 four year plan

    • compile year planning 2025

  • 9 - 12

    • develop next roadmap