With our current funds, it will still cost you 167 euro per week to be in residence at our workspace and your accommodation is not yet included.

artist in residence

rezgauche.be invites artists to apply for a residency.

The residency can be one, two or three weeks in duration and/or happen in a co-working form in longer periods.

Artists can apply as individuals or as part of a collective, an organisation, etc.

The applicant needs to define the starting date of their residency.

A project description is requested, with emphasis to be practical in the proposal - with openness to changes according to the artist project’s situation/inspiration during the residency.

The applicant is requested to describe the economy of their proposal: values, consumption, production, funds, donations, exchange, benefits, etc. 


A.i.R application happens by email to [email protected], and a talk through video chat if necessary.

The rezgauche.be A.i.R. selection criteria are based on:

  1. complete application

  2. inclusivity: how to make it possible?

  3. time-space compatibility

  4. available resources

  5. desire for responsibility


Artistic autonomy of persons in residence and artist’s care for the workspace: before, during and after their residency - are considered important.

The decisions for selection of a residency are made by the stakeholders of rezgauche.be by voting on the proposals in our dao