developing an economy of solidarity


developing an economy of solidarity proposes a situation where artists can present their work and benefit from donations made through the opencollective.

By gathering into a collection and coupling an authentic digital version of the work, the artists can benefit from any potential change of ownership of their work, creating an economy of solidarity between the participants.

Artists decide which tier they connect to their artwork and receive 80% of a donation made to opencollective/shoplisting benefit sale.

The artists can mint artwork in our nft store on mintbase

80% and 9% royalties for artist.

17,5% and 1% royalties for rezgauche DAO.

2,5% fees.

Contact [email protected] if you would like to add your work to shoplisting and mint digital art in our nft factory.

All benefits of the opencollective project fund and the rez gauche DAO are for the realisation of our purpose.